Knocked Off!

So in my last post I mentioned that commuting to work on a bike is a whole new game!! It’s tough. Big metal boxes relentlessly rolling forward and then a small skinny frame trying to dart in and out of spaces that even a mouse would shy away from! It’s ok when you are on open roads, but in the urban jungle, where lights dictate who can advance and who can’t, it becomes a game of anticipation. Can I make the lights before they go red? Is a car going to turn in front of me? Is it going to suddenly brake? You need to have your game head on when riding in cities. The cars and their drivers, 90% of who have no idea and absolutely not a care in the world that you are entitled to the road as well. They can and will try to shove you off the road.

And thats exactly what happened to me on Wednesday. I was the left hand lane on a two lane section of road. I have passed a notorious junction, relieved to have cleared it unscathed, then out of the blue, the last car in the line of traffic is desperate to make the next set of lights and thinks he can squeeze in between a car, that is already overtaking me in the right hand lane, and me. He cuts it too fine and clips the front of my wheel, causing me to career towards the pavement. With no option to attempt to bunny hop the kerb I manged to get the front wheel up and clear, but I was travelling to fast, the back wheel hits the kerb and I smash into the wall and finish in a mess on the floor. Thankfully my bike and myself are ok, but my Mac Book Pro now bears a few dents and scuffs.  A hit and run! The driver didn’t even know what he had done. No witnesses either. Gutted.

It goes to show, you can be the safest cyclist, but you will still get knocked off eventually. That put an end to my 3 year runnings of luck!

Ride safe.


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