Bizarre Moment!

While in my gallery in Bath last week, I was busy doing some research on my computer at the desk. I was engrossed in reading an article about the Tour de France and then the door buzzer chimes. I look up to see who has entered, and there right in front of me, no more than 2 feet away from where I was sitting, was a lady, laden with numerous shopping bags. She had to have covered  4 meters of floor in record time, or the buzer was delayed. But there she is exclaiming that she needs one of my cards…..”Quickly!!” she shouts. I reach for one of my business cards and go to give it to her, but her hands are all taken up with shopping, so I place it in her mouth. She mumbles a “thank you” and storms off out the door!!

I have no ideas who this woman was or why she wanted my card. She didn’t even stop to look at the photographs. Really odd. So maybe she knows she wants me to photograph something for her. I can only wait for the phone to ring.

Here’s hoping!

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