Yesterday I went for an interview up in Coventry for the position as a Freelance Schools Photographer for John Wright Photography. They are owned by Ede and Ravencroft Gradution ceremonies.

I am glad to say I got the job! they told me there and then. They are a huge and very well known company, so hopefully I may get quite a bit of work coming my way. I will cover the Bath and Somerset area which is quite a large section that JWP has no other photographers. I am currently their 23rd photographer on their books.

I have to undergo training which will be to assist other photographers who work for JWP. The company will provide me with the printer, background and the consumables. I have to provide my own camera, lighting equipment and transport. I currently use a Canon EOS 30D with 17-85mm EFS lens. I need to now purchase lighting kit and a decent tripod. I can’t wait. I have been looking at the Bowens Gemini series. I think the 250W are the way forward, but I shall do more research. The reason for going for Bowens is because I used them while at uni so I know how they work.

But alongside this job I shall also be carrying out my own freelance work. As a result of my exhibition I had in Bath, a lot of people came in and had a look and picked up my business card, so hopefully they may, one day, remember me and ask me to do a commission for them. Who knows.

So far so good!

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