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Bath Photography

Bath Photography

Passer by!


Queen's Square Obilisk

Sunshine Reading

London Candids – It’s hard!


Read what it says in the window......oops!


The pub

Look up from time to time.

An intimate moment.

Eye contact!

Biography – A new way.


We look, we watch, but we don’t see!

Had to pop back in to town to do some errands and I took my camera. I find it interesting that a lot of us don’t see what we look at. It’s like when we are driving, we are looking ahead, but do we really see what we are looking at? I have walked around Bath hundreds of times and have only realised how much I have missed. I am always in town to just get on with what I want to do, but now that I am taking my camera in every time, I have started to observe the people of Bath more closely. You should try it in your hometown and see what results you get.

Boatman punters


Fancy Dress Fun!

Cyclists enjoying the weekend sunshine.

Leaning Back

Bath Rugby = Love

Alternative hat suggestion?

Climbing in the Forest of Dean.


One of my career goals is to do Climbing photography or outdoor pursuits photography in general. So I got a call from a guy who is writing a guide for the Climbers Club in the Forest of Dean.


Henry topping out



Paul on an E4

Paul on main slab

People of Bath

Carrying on from my last post, I headed back into Bath and walked round for two, visiting all the tourist hot spots such as the Circus, Royal Crescent and Abbey. They have provided some rich imagery on this fine sunny day.

Approaching pigeon

Bath workman on the new Southgate building

Filming something?

Typical Tourists!

Need a mirror?

Lying down

Man in temple, Sydney Gardens.

Taking a break

Long Lens Candids

I have rediscovered my passion for long lens candid photography. Walking back from a Bath Life shoot near Queen’s Square, Bath, I stopped at the square itself and took some photos using a Canon 70-300mm lens that I have borrowed from a good friend of mine.

The lens has no IS so I had to be sure that I was shooting with a fast shutter speed to eliminate camera shake. So here are the results. Please let me know what you think.

Queen's Square couple on bench

Just a touch.

Looking left....or is that right?

Alone on the bench


Empire Building panorama – Bath

During the heavy snow in January 2010 I set off into Bath to shoot and came back with this panorama. I think it works really well because there is hardly anyone around and there are no vehicles on the road up on the usually very busy bus route. Bath has never seen this much snow in years.

Bath Panorama

Empire Building Panorama

Russan 360 Panorama

Rockfax trip


Climbing in Russan, South of France, is quite special. This huge curving rock face offers lots of climbing at a massive grade range, starting from 5 going through right up to 8c!! Steve McClure did one of his ‘100 8a in a year’ here in the Grotte. (the big hole in the cliff at the far end).

The photograph was taken from the peninsula with the river meandering its way all the way round the cliff.

One of the best moments while climbing in Russan was having to abseil in through the sink hole into the Grotte to access some of the climbing. It is a great winter sun trap. Sheltered and faces north. We had snow all round us at one point and we were climbing in shorts and t-shirts.