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Burley Moor Panorama

Burley Moor, Yorkshire

Drip Drip.

Christmas day walk and I captured this gem. The snow is all melting away now, but in my books it was a White Christmas!

Merry Christmas (even if it is a day late)


Icicle Drip

Daily Photo

Apparently summer is on its way! Pffft – I’ll believe it when I see it!

Another I found in my archives.


Boatman punters


A dream of Black and White.

Black and White film photography that I had done during my A-Levels.

Taken with a  Minolta X300s with Minolta 35-70mm lens. Film – Ilford HP5 ISO 400. Printed on Ilford RC Paper.


Dent Head Viaduct, Yorkshire Dales

Underneath Dent Head Viaduct, Yorkshire Dales


Emerging Fence - Glastonbury Wetlands

Russan Route Finding

These photos were taken while on a Rockfax trip to South of France to create the new Haute Province climbing guide book which is due out in Spring 2011. I spent two weeks with Adrian Berry, a professional climbing coach, and other climbers from, and helped with the photography of the routes in Russan, Claret and Seyenes. It was my first taste of climbing photography and there certainly is a knack to it!

I greatly enjoyed my time there, and looking back over the images, makes me want to get back out on the end of the rope and take more photographs and get better at it.

The last picture shows me on the rope working. I was hanging 2meters free from the rock and had to have an additional Gri-Gri on my harness, which had a length of dead rope attached to the bolt on the rock by a quickdraw, (visible at the 1 o’clock position) so I could adjust my distance from the face of the rock without compromising safety.

Hope you enjoy them!


Leading in Russan


Adrian route finding in Russan


John pulling through the crux in Russan


Where we played in Russan


Me photographing on the rope.

“Get your photos out there!”

Reading Alexandre Buisses’ blog, a very good mountaineer and an adventure photographer, he gives one crucial piece of advice “Get your photos out there”. And one way to do this, he advises, is by setting up a blog and publishing a picture everyday:

“Get your photos out there. But even more: publish at least one new picture every day, no matter how crappy, no matter how tired you are, no matter that no one except two friends and your mom ever look at them.

The “daily” part is crucial. There are plenty of people with photoblogs who publish once in a while when they feel that they have a good image, but that is not enough. You should force yourself to go dig in your archives and find that hidden gem, or simply that decent image you had forgotten about. That will make you a better critic, force you to go through the editing process, find out what works and what doesn’t in your images. It will also force you to go out and shoot when your archives have really run dry.”

So I did just that – dived head first (figuratively speaking) into my archive of photos and found this gem: Taken in 2008 on Coney Island, NY.

Coney Island Tower, NY

Newport HDR

Having now learnt HDR through various tutorials and software such as Photomatix Pro 4 – I decided to try it with my own bracketed images.

The following are taken in Newport. All are 5 exposures on a tripod using a Canon Digital shutter release.

I still have a lot to learn and practice makes perfect!


Under The M4

Newport HDR M4

Newport M4 Bridge 2