The Butterfly and The Bird Cage

Self-published photography book about the refurbishment of the Theatre Royal Bath.

I collaborated with graphic designer Katie Shingles ( to produce this high quality ‘coffee table’ style photography book. She has done the job perfectly and everybody who has seen and touched the book has commented on how well the book is designed. You can view her blog on the book here

“The quality is outstanding. The jacket design and page layouts are very well thought out. The photography is captivating and draws the viewer into the theatre. A book everyone should have in their homes.” Mr B’s Emporium, Bath.

Below is an extract from the book:

“I wish to capture the progression of the emotional and physical transformation of a very much loved theatre. I would like to record, for posterity, not only the works but also the human element involved as they witness the deconstruction of the existing theatre, and then to capture the pure joy of seeing it completed.”

The Butterfly and The Bird Cage is a culmination of many hours photographing the Theatre Royal Bath Refurbishment Project. Over a period of 6 months and 5,000 photographs later, these final images represent not only what happened to the building but also the human endeavour that created this transformation.

Only 200 signed 1st limited edition copies are available for £25 (for local deliveries in Bath)  – add £7 for p+p for UK distribution

For more information please visit my website –

A 230 page high quality photography book

A 230 page high quality photography book

Page explaining the title of the book


Seat K9

The Scaff'ers

Dismantling the chandelier

The newly refurbished Theatre Royal Bath

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