My First Successful HDR Photo

So having had a go at HDR in the snow earlier today, I really wanted to have a proper go and use the correct tools in photoshop.

I found this tutorial on Stuck In Customs. Bear with it, but it does work. Trey Ratcliffe uses Photomatix Pro for the initial merge, which does help a lot and you can use the trial version, but it does place a watermark over your final merge.

For my attempt I used the Venice Sample provided by Photomatix which was great – as I can’t just pop out and take 3 bracketed exposures of a stunning skyline (but I will try tomorrow!).  After many failed attempts, because I took the processing too far and it looks wrong, I finally held back on the Masking tool and got a decent HDR photo.

Hope you like it!


Sample Venice HDR

Update – Had a go with another sample provided by Photomatix:


Green Grass Sample HDR

(Disclaimer – The above 2 HDR original source photographs are not mine – they remain the property of


One response

  1. these look great! nice work~

    December 19, 2010 at 12:33 am

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