Requiescat In Pace – 9/11: 10 Years

“10 years?”

“Yep, 10 Years!”

We both stood in silence in front of a piece of Ground Zero as it had been, before it was removed and accurately re-assembled in Battersea Park.

People slowly edged towards the sculpture, wary of the great power the shards of metal evoked.


“Requiescat In Pace”


Something a bit different!

Came across this via…wait for it….Facebook – surprise surprise! It’s from 9GAG, a random, “just for fun”, website. It shows the 3 most powerful social networking sites with a World War 2 propaganda twist. I like it! It has taken a modern subject and “advertised” it in a historical way.

(Disclaimer – this is not my work. I have just blogged this. I am unable to credit the author as it does not state who created this work on the 9GAG site. If you are able to find the credit then please let me know and I will amend.)

Biography – A new way.


Bizarre Moment!

While in my gallery in Bath last week, I was busy doing some research on my computer at the desk. I was engrossed in reading an article about the Tour de France and then the door buzzer chimes. I look up to see who has entered, and there right in front of me, no more than 2 feet away from where I was sitting, was a lady, laden with numerous shopping bags. She had to have covered  4 meters of floor in record time, or the buzer was delayed. But there she is exclaiming that she needs one of my cards…..”Quickly!!” she shouts. I reach for one of my business cards and go to give it to her, but her hands are all taken up with shopping, so I place it in her mouth. She mumbles a “thank you” and storms off out the door!!

I have no ideas who this woman was or why she wanted my card. She didn’t even stop to look at the photographs. Really odd. So maybe she knows she wants me to photograph something for her. I can only wait for the phone to ring.

Here’s hoping!


Yesterday I went for an interview up in Coventry for the position as a Freelance Schools Photographer for John Wright Photography. They are owned by Ede and Ravencroft Gradution ceremonies.

I am glad to say I got the job! they told me there and then. They are a huge and very well known company, so hopefully I may get quite a bit of work coming my way. I will cover the Bath and Somerset area which is quite a large section that JWP has no other photographers. I am currently their 23rd photographer on their books.

I have to undergo training which will be to assist other photographers who work for JWP. The company will provide me with the printer, background and the consumables. I have to provide my own camera, lighting equipment and transport. I currently use a Canon EOS 30D with 17-85mm EFS lens. I need to now purchase lighting kit and a decent tripod. I can’t wait. I have been looking at the Bowens Gemini series. I think the 250W are the way forward, but I shall do more research. The reason for going for Bowens is because I used them while at uni so I know how they work.

But alongside this job I shall also be carrying out my own freelance work. As a result of my exhibition I had in Bath, a lot of people came in and had a look and picked up my business card, so hopefully they may, one day, remember me and ask me to do a commission for them. Who knows.

So far so good!

Knocked Off!

So in my last post I mentioned that commuting to work on a bike is a whole new game!! It’s tough. Big metal boxes relentlessly rolling forward and then a small skinny frame trying to dart in and out of spaces that even a mouse would shy away from! It’s ok when you are on open roads, but in the urban jungle, where lights dictate who can advance and who can’t, it becomes a game of anticipation. Can I make the lights before they go red? Is a car going to turn in front of me? Is it going to suddenly brake? You need to have your game head on when riding in cities. The cars and their drivers, 90% of who have no idea and absolutely not a care in the world that you are entitled to the road as well. They can and will try to shove you off the road.

And thats exactly what happened to me on Wednesday. I was the left hand lane on a two lane section of road. I have passed a notorious junction, relieved to have cleared it unscathed, then out of the blue, the last car in the line of traffic is desperate to make the next set of lights and thinks he can squeeze in between a car, that is already overtaking me in the right hand lane, and me. He cuts it too fine and clips the front of my wheel, causing me to career towards the pavement. With no option to attempt to bunny hop the kerb I manged to get the front wheel up and clear, but I was travelling to fast, the back wheel hits the kerb and I smash into the wall and finish in a mess on the floor. Thankfully my bike and myself are ok, but my Mac Book Pro now bears a few dents and scuffs.  A hit and run! The driver didn’t even know what he had done. No witnesses either. Gutted.

It goes to show, you can be the safest cyclist, but you will still get knocked off eventually. That put an end to my 3 year runnings of luck!

Ride safe.


Grab It!

Climbing in ChamonixHello,

So this is my first ever blog post. Never done this before so its going to take me a while to get used to how this works. I currently have a website for my photography – http://www.pierscunliffephotography.co.uk/  Please feel free to visit and comment as you wish.

A little about me I guess,

I live in Bath, a beautify roman city with a lot to offer. I am born and bred in Bath so I know my way round it very well…… If you have any questions about Bath I am happy to assist. I am a recent Graduate from University of Wales Newport, with a BA (Hons) in Documentary Photography. This has allowed me to set my self up as a freelance professional photographer. It is a steep but positive learning curve trying to get set up and gain clients. This is one thing that university does not prepare you for. They are very much interested in the work that you produce, not how you may try to make a living from it. So be prepared.

So my title says ‘Grab It!’ The reason for this is because you really must do that with your life. If an opportunity arises that will benefit you for what ever reason, be it with a friendship, relationship, career or an adventure, you must put that foot forward and get the ball rolling. It will never come to you. You must chase it and grab it!

I know I have grabbed something recently and it was the best thing to have happened to me. I plan to hold onto it for a very long time. You know who your are!!! 😉

Beside my profession and passion as a photographer, I also have a massive passion for sport, namely so, climbing, cycling, hockey and skiing. These are my top sports. I regularly play hockey at the weekends and ride whenever possible. Most of my riding is commuting. A whole new and dangerous game in its own right. Another blog sometime.

So I shall try to keep this updated as often as possible.

So……Grab It!