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Behind-the-scenes: Balearic Beauty Photoshoot.

One of my latest jaunts abroad with was to the well known party island of Ibiza. A lads on tour pick of the bunch. It is also renowned for its beautiful beaches and islands dotted near Fortmentucra, and for this very reason it lends itself to be a great location for filming and photography, the very reason we headed out there.

While I was out there we had two photoshoots to complete, one of which I will show the behind the scenes photos here to the article now live on the website – Balearic Beauty photographed by Andy Barnham.

Unfortunately I do not have many to show as I had to control and hold a 6ft x 4ft sun swatter which requires both hands and a strong back. I shot with a 5D MKII with a 50mm 1.8 lens attached to my hip with the Peak Design Capture Clip System on my belt. THE best bit of kit I own.

The team consisted of 6 people: Photographer (Andy Barnham), Photography Assistant (me), Fashion Director (Antonia Chang), Make-up artist/Hair Stylist and Model. The 6th person was the delightful daughter of the owner of the location we shot at who wanted to help out and learn the ropes.

Kit consisted of the following:

Canon 5D MkIII – x2.

Canon 24-70mm f.2.8 IS USM Mk II lens – portrait lens.

Canon 70-200mm f.28 IS USM Mk II lens – telephoto lens.

Canon Speedlight 580EXII – x2.

Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 – x4

6ft x 4ft Sunbounce Sun Swatter with 2/3rd stop sheet.

5-in-1 105cm reflector.

80cm silver/white reflector.

Softboxes for flash guns.

Stands – x2.

Laptop – with photo editing software.

1TB Lacie Hard Drive – used to back up all the cards as we went along.

Various leads, batteries and memory cards (CF).

As we knew the weather was going to be good (end of August), the flash was only to be used as fill-in in the most trickiest of situations, but it turned out we didn’t require them at all. However it is always good to have them to hand.

Our main approach to the photography was to use the sun swatter to cast an even and balanced shade over the model eradicating the harsh shadows under the eyes, nose and chin, which would have been created by the high sun. To add the moulding and even lighting to the models face, the 105cm reflector was used to bounce light at the correct angle. (expertly held by the owner’s daughter.)

My main role as an assistant is to ensure that all the equipment is in the correct place before, during and after each shot. Also to have on my person at all times fresh batteries and clean memory cards. As soon as a card with images on was given to me, it gets placed in a dedicated pocket so I know exactly which ones need downloading. When a suitable break emerges (usually after a look is completed) I upload to the computer and then back up on to the Lacie Drive. This way it ensures we have double of everything. An organised filing system on the computer is a must, so when we get back to HQ and we start to edit we can easily locate what is where.

So here are some of the shots from the day’s shoot. Like I said earlier I would have taken more but had to handle a monster for the day.

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Photo Finish! Official Photographs

A collaboration with Shoot DHS and One Tribe TV

A race between two businessmen, who after work, have to be somewhere…but where? Public transport is not good enough! It’s slow and expensive! Go by bike? ….No! They take it to the streets on foot! Fast and agile and can go where cars can’t!

You can also view the video of the shoot here!

So here are my results. Enjoy!

Danny | Shoot DHS

Danny Time Watching!

Weather Watching

Foot Down

Game On!

Neck and Neck!

Jump into the lead!




Final effort!

So Close

Photography | Piers Cunliffe Photography

Thanks go to:

SHOOT DHS | Artistic Director

Lee Martland |Photography Assistant

Andy Barnham | Photography Assistant

Toby Russell | Camerman + Editor

Danny and Aaron | SHOOT DHS Models

One Tribe TV | Production Company

Photo Finish! Video from London Shoot

It has been a long time coming. A while back I did a photoshoot in london with SHOOT DHS Models. It has been kept under the hat for a while, but now I am proud to present the video from the days shoot. The theme was a race between two business men, who after work, have somewhere to be, but local transport and cars are slow, so they take it to the streets on foot. Photos are to follow soon.

So here it is:

Photography | Piers Cunliffe

Models | Shoot DHS | Danny + Aaron

Producer | One Tribe TV

Cameraman + Editor | Toby Russell

Special thanks also go to Andy Barnham and Lee Martland for helping me out.

RAKE Boxing Shoot – Outtakes

So a while back I posted about the official RAKE Boxing shoot by photographer Andy Barnham (click here to view post).

Now that it has been published, I thought I would share some of the shots that I liked that got chucked on the editing room floor.







The Rake Magazine – Bout Time

I was lucky enough to assist the very talented Andy Barnham on an editorial for The Rake, a gentleman’s fashion magazine.

“The Modern Voice of Classic Elegance”

This shoot took place in Repton Boxing club, London, a real down and out training ring with real character and heart. “No Guts No Glory” is at the core of this club and it shows too.

This shoot “plays upon the theme of two sharp-dressed east London ‘firms’ pitting their champs against one another! Tailoring and contenders – the mood’s a little bit Savile Row, a tad squabble and row. “

The experience of assisting on an editorial was amazing. I got to learn how all the different elements of a shoot is brought together to create the final outcome. Assisting is hard work and you have to be on your feet. You have to anticipate the photographers every move, be ready with the next piece of equipment without him even asking for it. You have to be ready to step up to the plate. One prime example of this was on this particular shoot. Only one boxer turned up, so the shoot was going to fail at the first hurdle. We got on with getting the shots that didn’t require the boxer and the shots that only required one boxer (see final shots below), but one of the main shots was two boxers fighting, to help complete the whole feel of the story.

 To maintain the authenticity of the fight, we needed another boxer that was in the same weight category as Duds (who was also great to work with). The production manager was on his phone, hunting down a boxer, even one of the models knew of some boxing friends, but none were able to step in. Then all eyes fell on me….yes me! I stood there not quite registering what everyone was thinking, but then it clicked. I was the same weight, build, height and probably the only one willing to get half naked. I shrugged my shoulders and thought why the hell not. You only to get one chance! So the kit was off and the shorts and gloves (and make-up…thanks Piero) were on.

Stepping in the ring, was to say the least, a bit daunting. I didn’t even get a chance to warm up. Dudds was in training and having watched him demolish a punch bag, I wanted to throw the towel in there and then. I didn’t even get to throw my first punch and I was already on the ground knocked out…..well actually I was instructed by Andy as the first shot he wanted was of the losing boxer KO’ed! That bit was easy…just lie there and try not to smile/laugh.

The next shot was an action shot. I was up for a bit of gentle sparring, but the production manager, for health and safety reasons (or the certainty that I would have been hospitalised) was having none of it. So we repeated the same move over and over until Andy was happy with the shot. The full article can be read here.

It was a great day and we got to do it all again the next day in the London Palladium for a different story, but that’s for another post.

Big thanks go to Andy Barnham, Rosco Productions, Lee Martland, Piero, Esther Quek and her assistants, NEXT Models, Eden Cai and Duds.

Hope you enjoy the video and the photographs! (All Photographs © Andy Barnham | Video courtesy of Eden Cai.)