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Global festival – The Black Keys

Last week I was in New York helping backstage with the Global Festival for on the Great Lawn in Central Park. An amazing concert where 1.3 billion was pledged for the fight against poverty.

Some of my top shots I managed to take during sound checks of The Black Keys. I spent most of the event night live editing for 60,000 spectators.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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“Get your photos out there!”

Reading Alexandre Buisses’ blog, a very good mountaineer and an adventure photographer, he gives one crucial piece of advice “Get your photos out there”. And one way to do this, he advises, is by setting up a blog and publishing a picture everyday:

“Get your photos out there. But even more: publish at least one new picture every day, no matter how crappy, no matter how tired you are, no matter that no one except two friends and your mom ever look at them.

The “daily” part is crucial. There are plenty of people with photoblogs who publish once in a while when they feel that they have a good image, but that is not enough. You should force yourself to go dig in your archives and find that hidden gem, or simply that decent image you had forgotten about. That will make you a better critic, force you to go through the editing process, find out what works and what doesn’t in your images. It will also force you to go out and shoot when your archives have really run dry.”

So I did just that – dived head first (figuratively speaking) into my archive of photos and found this gem: Taken in 2008 on Coney Island, NY.

Coney Island Tower, NY