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Meet The Moment Slogan Help!

Carrying on from the Cliff Bar Meet the Moment competition, I have 3 more pics I want to enter as an ‘Adventure Postcard’, but could do with your help with the slogan.

Please bear in mind the space and how your text fits in it. Anything you can think of will be considered, but keep it clean please. For a peek at the my latest entry click here. If I do use your slogan you will be duly credited in the notes section when I submit it.

Here are the photos – just leave a comment starting with either Photo 1, Photo 2 or Photo 3, so I know which one it applies to.

Look forward to your answers.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Meet The Moment

I have just entered a competition run by Cliff Bar. A fab opportunity to win big and to do that adventure you have always dreamed of doing.There are loads of entries so winning will be tough, but I’m confident!

I was inspired to do it when I was checking up on Michael Clark Photography and saw his entry. (Its an awesome entry!)

So here is my entry. I will be entering a few more but the hardest part is the slogan. It has to fit with the photograph and the ethos of what Cliff Bar are trying to promote.


Maxi Grip

My rest days are a great opportunity to concentrate on photography. I photographed Laurent and Audrey on a 7b+. Walked ot to top of Mt Gaussier and played around with my new 70-200mm f.28 L series lens. 🙂

Mont Gaussier

A fantastic crag with 40m routes from 6a to 7a. The shortest being the 7b (15meters) and I am please to say that I got my first clean 7b redpoint of the trip. A very powerful technical route where foot work is crucial.

The route was on Mont Gaussier, a really inspiring piece of rock with fantastic views.

Laurent Moseley – Sherman Contest

Aka – The Shermanator. Laurent on the 7a+. Long steep pumpy route with a thin technical crux at the very top. A 25ft whipper awaits you if you don’t make the chains to finish.

Russan Route Finding

These photos were taken while on a Rockfax trip to South of France to create the new Haute Province climbing guide book which is due out in Spring 2011. I spent two weeks with Adrian Berry, a professional climbing coach, and other climbers from, and helped with the photography of the routes in Russan, Claret and Seyenes. It was my first taste of climbing photography and there certainly is a knack to it!

I greatly enjoyed my time there, and looking back over the images, makes me want to get back out on the end of the rope and take more photographs and get better at it.

The last picture shows me on the rope working. I was hanging 2meters free from the rock and had to have an additional Gri-Gri on my harness, which had a length of dead rope attached to the bolt on the rock by a quickdraw, (visible at the 1 o’clock position) so I could adjust my distance from the face of the rock without compromising safety.

Hope you enjoy them!


Leading in Russan


Adrian route finding in Russan


John pulling through the crux in Russan


Where we played in Russan


Me photographing on the rope.