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It’s all about giving! recently gave $1 million to Global Poverty Project and AdWeek have done a nice little write up here with our promo book as their headline image.

“Over the last three or four years, high-level executives from luxury brands have repeated to me over and over that [philanthropy] was becoming more important to them and to their customers,”

Christian Barker, CEO, editor in chief of

AdWeek do nice little write up.

Requiescat In Pace – 9/11: 10 Years

“10 years?”

“Yep, 10 Years!”

We both stood in silence in front of a piece of Ground Zero as it had been, before it was removed and accurately re-assembled in Battersea Park.

People slowly edged towards the sculpture, wary of the great power the shards of metal evoked.


“Requiescat In Pace”


Something a bit different!

Came across this via…wait for it….Facebook – surprise surprise! It’s from 9GAG, a random, “just for fun”, website. It shows the 3 most powerful social networking sites with a World War 2 propaganda twist. I like it! It has taken a modern subject and “advertised” it in a historical way.

(Disclaimer – this is not my work. I have just blogged this. I am unable to credit the author as it does not state who created this work on the 9GAG site. If you are able to find the credit then please let me know and I will amend.)